Welcome to my first post ever. ever ever.

Consider this, my first (whoohoo!) blog post to be an introduction, an explanation, a roadmap of sorts.

What you will most likely see here.

Photos of my professional work. Weddings. Portrait sessions.

Bride and groom boogie down to some fabulous bluegrass tunes at their wedding reception in Flagstaff, AZ.
Bride, Mikell and groom, Ben, boogie down to bluegrass tunes at their wedding reception in Flagstaff, AZ.

Personal photos from my personal life of subjects doing personal things. Like saving the world.Penny_Birthday-31

Or stretching.

These will probably include a lot of my animals. My friends and family. But few if any selfies. I’m really really bad at these.

Some photojournalism type stuffs.

And….Words. Stories! Facts! Riddles! Discussions on photos, and life and why I can’t take a good selfie! All sprinkled with funny things, probably some made up words, and sentence structure that would drive any english instructor completely mad. Sorry. I’m creative with word-choice, not necessarily a grammar-rule-player. (←As shown right there.←)

That’s about the gist of it. So sit back. Prop up your feet. Feel free to pursue, ponder and gawk away. And thanks for stopping by.


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