Go to Mexico, Come Back With a Tan. And a Dog.

As I sit here and type this, this is my view….


(Yes, it’s the middle of the morning and I’m under a blanket right now. I’m one step away from heating up some Ovaltine. It’s cold here. Don’t judge. )

And as you notice I have my own personal leg warmer, my recently adopted dog, Zenzi.

A little over two weeks ago Zenzi was taking naps in this environment…

This particular doggie snooze was taken under my husband’s seat at one of our favorite bars in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. A place called Lido’s, equipped with swings (why aren’t the more places like this? Do you know how much the fun factor of a place is raised when you can sit at a swing?!)  situated right on the beach, with a lovely view of those very blue, very lovely, caribbean waters. ahhhhhhh. Vacation. It’s delicious.

Before this, Zenzi was one of the over 50 rescued dogs residing at the S.O.S. el Arca, an animal shelter located in Playa Del Carmen. The shelter was made possible by the determined, love-fueled efforts of Sylvie Goetz. Goetz is a native of France, a resident of Playa, and a woman who seems to run on jet-fuel with as many tasks she is capable of juggling. And despite her jammed-packed schedule, Goetz assisted every way possible with the adoption; provided all the necessary paperwork, shots and a kennel for transporting on the plane.

So after spending the rest of our vacation with us, Zenzi was loaded up on American airlines and brought to live with us in the Chicago suburbs. This was NOT a planned part of our vacation. But it became one of our favorite parts. Don’t get me wrong, I was a little worried that the poor guy would get off the plane in Chicago and wonder why on earth these stupid gringos decided to drag his skinny perro butt to the frozen tundra. But as you can see, he’s adjusting quite well. He actually loves the snow. His attitude is one of the reasons we fell in love with him. He honestly seems so…grateful. And who doesn’t need a little reminder of that in their lives? A little Zen, a little love for life, a little Zenzi.

If you’d like to help out the folks at S.O.S Arca, please visit their website. http://soselarca.org/



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