Zenography of the week

Today I said to myself; “Self? Let’s start a photo theme. Something ongoing. Something to tap into that Zenography idea that you posted in this blog a few weeks ago. Or was that a month ago. Crap, it’s been that long?”

Oh Self. You have such great ideas. Even if you are somewhat delayed in implementing them…

So the way this shall work is each week I might post several photos. It might be one photo. But I am going to post the photos that found me some photo Zen. My Zenography. It’s a personal feeling so hold off on telling me why the photo doesn’t work for you on a Zen level. One person’s Zen can very well be another’s person’s…uh…NotZen. ZenNotgraphy. Something. I love word combining to make new words but that one might need some work.

So let’s move on to the visual stuff.

This was a few weeks back. I was riding in the back of a canoe, behind the most delightful of red hats. How can you not love this hat.

And then there’s the fact I’m in a canoe. Canoodling if you will. Listening to birds, water, and tales from this gentlemen, who is the part of a group of historical interpreters known as the Southwest Brigade. He was playing a french guy. A french guy with a fabulous hat. Thank you fabulous hat guy.



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