Props given to Dads on Wedding Day

In spirit of Father’s Day and giving a big ole’ virtual High Five to the Dad-a-roos out there who have been kicking butt in a parenting-kind-of-way, I’m sharing a Dad’s view on a wedding day. Specifically…


What does a Dad do when his daughter get married? Well now. Let’s just see here…


He gets first dibs seeing her in her dress, looking beautiful, ready for her wedding.




He helps her with getting ready. (Orrrrrr maybe more the other way around.)




He has that last quiet moment with his daughter before they walk down the aisle together.



He rides the party bus!! And drinks whatever traditional alcohol-infused-mystery-concoction that the wedding party is drinking. And shaking. And drinking.



He provides an extra seat for his daughter when the party bus is crowded. Which they always are. It’s a party bus for heaven’s sake. A party bus with two people would be odd.



He has one of the first dances with his daughter, the traditional Father Daughter dance at the start of the night. It’s a moment to talk to her, give advice, share a story, share some laughter. Give some love. There might be tears.


And he closes out the night of the reception with her. The first man in her life.


Happy Father’s Day.


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